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Golden Ratio

The first of June in 2018 is a day that every mathematician waits to see in his lifetime. It is the date when the first four digits line up with that of the golden ratio in this format – 1.6.18. When you look at the first four digits, you see 1618. In the concept of mathematical constants, it could also mean 1.618. For those who wish to relate to a more familiar idea, it’s the Phi concept. The day was celebrated as Phi Day by mathematicians all around the world and acknowledges everything that relates to the golden ratio on the date.

What is The Golden Ratio

When a line is cut into two parts, the golden ratio establishes that the ratio of the entire length of the extended part will be equal to that of the ratio of lengths of the two parts of the line. The concept was first birthed by the Greeks and has played a very important part in the sound design and art for the last 2400 years. Biologists, historians, psychologists, and even the mystics have looked deep into the Golden Ratio and applied it to their careers.

Math geeks find anything with these kinds of proportions to be very appealing. Math geniuses like Le Corbusier had used the golden ratio in coming with his system of architecture. The theory has it that the Parthenon might have also used the Golden Ratio concept in its construction. The Golden Ratio is also a very cool number because if you square it and add one to the square, it is the only number that has a positive outcome. In the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s illustration of polyhedra, the body proportions have used the Golden Ratio heavily. Critics and painting examiners have also found that the famous Mona Lisa has used the ratio too which only goes to prove that the ratio has a deeper hidden use that rarely meets the naked eye.

Areas Where the Golden Ratio is Seen

While in some places, the Golden Ratio is applied by mathematicians, there are some instances where they appear by themselves. Here are some applications of the Golden Ratio.

  • In the 1950s the Golden Ratio was a very prominent co-star with Donald Duck
  • Luca Pacioli used the Golden Ratio for its divine significance
  • The ratio is also seen in the famous Fibonacci sequence
  • There have been instances where the Golden Ratio has been seen in Music, Human Behaviour, Structure and design
  • Many artists and architects use the ratio extensively for their best work
Areas Where the Golden Ratio is Seen
Areas Where the Golden Ratio is Seen


On the day, people around the world who were able to understand the significance of the golden ratio spent the day researching and enjoying the instances where the ratio has been applied and used, after all, the day does not come back till 2118. Fair to say, the Golden Ratio has inspired people for centuries to think and apply its concept in several forms that we employ and use even today.