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Albert Einstein

Mathematics is a field which not particularly liked among people. Yet there are always those who are crazy in love in this specialty. The greatest discoveries were made because of them, systems created that we use, and these days mathematicians are solving the biggest problems of the world. Let’s look at the most famous names in mathematics field and their contribution.

Albert Einstein is known for his most famous formula E=mc2 in physics, but he had made greater discoveries in mathematics. He has contributed to several equations, ten are named by him. Einstein liked studying math by himself. English mathematician Isaac Newton is famous for Mathematical principles of Natural Philosophy. He wrote a book about it and became the catalyst to understanding mechanics. Newton is credited for the development of the binomial theorem. Leonardo Pisano Bigolo is Italian who created Fibonacci sequence. Bigolo tells everything about it in his book called. “Book of Calculation”. He is the one who introduced Arabic system into the western world. Thales is a Greek mathematician and called Father of science. He used geometry to solve every day problems and considered a first one real true mathematician. Thales Theorem is based on deductive reasoning principles and is widely used daily. Rene Descartes has created cartesian coordinate system. He is a father of analytical geometry and is most famous for explaining value approaching zero calculus and analysis. Archimedes lived in c. 287- c.212 BC. He is the greatest mathematician of antiquity. Archimedes principles are used today. The exact numerical value of PI was provided by him also system to express large numbers was his invention, don’t forget the exhaustion too. John Forbes Nash. Jr. is famous for game theory, differential geometry and partial differential equations. His work in geometry is also seen as milestone in the field. Forbes received Nobel prize in 1994 for Economics for his great work about game theory. Blaise Pascal is the genius who invented Pascal’s Triangle.  Being just only sixteen he wrote famous paper “Essay of Conics”. Another area of study that he is famous for is probability theory. Pierre de Fermat is French who created Last Theorem. He is recognized for infinitesimal calculus. Fermat applied “adequality” while explaining his mathematical constructs. French mathematician also contributed to differential calculus, number theory and analytic geometry.

Scottish John Napier is the inventor of logarithms. He also applied decimal point to everyday use in arithmetic and mathematics. Napier had an idea when he got his first abacus, at first it was used mainly for multiplication problems. Women also were great part of modern mathematics field. Sophie Germain is known for prime numbers. She extensively worked on number theory and differential geometry. Germain helped with solutions for Ferrats Last Theorem and earned recognition when prime numbers was named after her.Emmy Noether is another famous woman who has concentrated on abstract algebra. She introduced theories and number fields in that area of mathematics. Her famous creation is a sub abstract   algebra area called “commutative ring”.