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Mathematics comes from a Greek word that means knowledge, study and learning. There is so much to learn about maths it is a complex and challenging subject to study and to perfect. There is always more you can learn and no one has master it completely. There are of course many that have tried their hardest to study the subject and to learn as much as they can, they not only learn but they try to develop new equations and solve the unsolvable problems that are out there. There are many great mathematicians all around the world many of whom you have no doubt heard of! Here a few of the most famous mathematicians that have come from Poland.

Albert Brudzewski

Also known as Abler Blar of Brudzewu he was born around 1445 in Brudzewu and died approximately in 1497 in Vilnius. He is most famously known for establishing the moons elliptical orbit. His area of specialty was astronomy as well as mathematics and philosophy. He taught many students his talents and skills and he is well known in Poland for his original works.

Alfred Tarski

Born in 1901 on January 14th Alfred Tarski, a polish American logician and mathematician studied at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw school of Mathematics. He moved to the United States in 1939 and became a citizen in 1945. He made huge contributions to the abstract algebra, topology, geometry, and many other theories that we now sue today. He then aught and carried out research in mathematics at the University of California Berkeley from 1942 until is sad death in October of 1983


Andrzej Mostowski

This mathematician went to the University of Warsaw in 1931 and was a follower of Kuratowski, Lindenbaum and Traksi. He worked mainly on recursion theory and undecidability. He worked on logic and model throaty as well at the Warsaw University on British Colombia.

Andrzej Schinzel

Born in Scandomierz, Poland in 1937 this polish mathematician went to the University of Warsaw as well. He has a Phd and MSc from the institute of Polish Mathematics and Science. He worked hard on the theory of polynomial, he wrote over 200 research articles in various different theories. He was a very successful mathematician and developed many theories we use today.

Hugo Steinhaus

Also, a Polish born mathematician and educated who was born in 1887 and had a Phd in math from Göttingen University. He went on to become a professor himself. He has left a very large footprint in the area of mathematics such as functional analysis, geometry, mathematical logic and trigonometry and is called the founder of the game theory and probability theory. He died in 1972 but left behind a large legacy of work and taught many a student his knowledge.

There are of course many more great mathematicians that have come from Poland, ones that have influence the math community and have made a huge impact on the way we use math today and the methods that we learn today in schools all around the world.