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Mathematics is a science based on facts and logic, so how can it be used in things like predicting the future and everyday occurrences? It is not the intention to take all the fun out of life and live under mathematics strict codes. Far from it, it is how we harness math to our best advantage to improve how we live our lives.

Writing a Pop Song

Who would have thought that math could help in writing a successful pop song? But if you look at the evidence, math is all over music, especially in its written form. Most music lovers find songs as their inspiration, almost at a spiritual level. Songs can change your mood and remind you of great times in the past. Well the good folks at the University of Bristol set about trying to analyze why some songs are hits and others fall by the wayside. The team looked at the UK pop chart over half a century, setting twenty-three variables to analyze. The algorithm they came up with looked at factors such as tempo, melody, loudness, duration, key, etc. The University is convinced they now have a recipe that is sixty percent correct to produce a hit pop song. They even go further by saying they can predict which songs will make the top five! Whether you believe that the algorithm can be that accurate is a fair point but the guys at Bristol University sure do.

Solving Crime

Mathematics has been used in solving crime since the 1800s, used in all manner of things such as studying data and laying down accurate prediction patterns. But a recent TV show Numb3rs has taken this premise even further, by solving crimes with a calculator. For years, top detective agencies have collaborated with mathematicians to study trends and come out with data such as which neighborhood you are more likely to be robbed, or if your house is a good option to burgle. They do this by inputting data just like traffic control analysts would do. Then patterns can be predicted just like the weatherman predicting a storm.


Where to Find Terrorist Bomb Caches

War has changed over the last fifty years, no longer is the person who is standing in front of you the enemy. Guerrilla and terrorist tactics are now the name of the game, where the enemy sneaks back into the populace to hide away from being caught. But believe it or not, math can help predict behavioral patterns of these terrorists and help solve crucial problems. A piece of software called SCARE has been developed by the University of Maryland. It claims to be able to find bomb caches within a half mile radius. What seems like chaos to the uninitiated can be unraveled by determined parameters, including behavioral patterns and physical constraints.

As we can see, math can predict all manner of events and help to solve some of the world’s greatest problems. The above are only a fraction of what math can do as it is also used in the field of medicine, and things like crowd control in public places.