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Whatsapp forwards and messages on social media to give people everyday thoughts to trigger some form of learning has been a fad for a while now. Several messages revolve around solving trivia and challenges that people are expected to solve and provide the answer to. Often adults are faced with having to go back and dusting their old year ten books to look back at their math skills to solve the problems. Some people don’t understand the concept because of the way it has been packaged even though they understand the concept very well.

2% Solved This Riddle

Throughout the last few years, a simple mathematical problem involving finding the missing numbers has been making the rounds. While the problem as such looks effortless, only 2% of the population who viewed the problem was able to solve the problem. The trick to solving the problem was that they needed to get it right in less than 60 seconds. The problem was invented by Adam Spencer who challenged people to be able to solve it in less than one minute. eight,eighteen,eleven,fifteen,five,four,fourteen,nine,nineteen,one,seven,seventeen, six, sixteen,?,?,?,?,? The answer to the problem is two, three, ten, twelve and thirteen. It is a simple problem where all the letters of the problem are actually in alphabetical order.

Fifth Graders in China Took Down the Adults

A problem was released in the Chinese District and garnered a lot of attention from the public. The challenge consisted of the following – A boat with 26 sheep and ten goats and requiring the answer to the age of the ship’s captain. Most people found that the problem was almost impossible to solve. Everyone was wondering how the cargo on the vessel will be able to determine the age of the captain. However, the education department said that the problem is aimed to create awareness and the ability to think without depending on anyone or anything else.

Confused about Dogs

When 49 dogs had signed up to compete in a dog show, and 36 more small dogs than larger dogs signed up, determining the number of small dogs became a problem. The internet and mobiles were furiously active trying to find the solution to this math that supposedly even second graders would be able to solve. Most people think that if there are 49 dogs in total and 36 smaller dogs than larger dogs were signed up, they would only need to subtract the two to determine the answer. The answer that came up is not the right answer. The teacher who came up with the problem said that the wording for the question was incorrect and if correct would mean that half a dog participated in the show in the end.

Buying and Selling Horses

A gentleman bought a horse for $60 and sold the horse for $70. He then repurchased the horse for $80 and sold it for $90. The problem demands a solution to the amount of money that the gentleman earned, lost or broke even in the process. Several people came up with answers that he made $20, some said he made $10, and yet some said he broke even. All the answers were debatable and caused a huge ruckus on the internet. The right solution to the problem is that he gained $20 in the process.