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Winning the lottery has become a standard joke amongst people who have tried too many times and failed. The lottery system seems like a very tough code to break, and it takes all the luck in the world to win it and make it rich overnight. However, what if there was more to winning the lottery than meets the eye? What if there is a mathematical formula that can get you the win you desire? What if someone has tried it several times and has managed to win it several times too? Well, if someone has tried it and worked the system, then there is a sure way to do it right?


Stefan Mandel comes from Romania and who has struggled with his finances for a very long time. Even though he is an economist and is a math whiz, his ability to live the life of his dreams has been very far from him. He managed to apply his mathematical knowledge in winning the lottery to make it big overnight and succeeded not once or twice, but 14 times. His methodology to crack the code did not involve anything that would break the law or any illegal activities — however, a proven mathematical formula to take home his winnings.

After spending a lot of time on his theory and research, he came up with an algorithm to number-pick. He called the method a form of ‘Combinatorial Condensation.’ Using the formula, Stefan has been able to get 5 out of the six numbers right in the 6-number sequence in the lottery. With his new finding, he was able to bring down his possibilities to thousands instead of the millions of combinations the average man is pressed with.

At first, he started by asking his friends to loan him small amounts and bought every combination that would win him his ticket. In the end, his formula had won, and he took home more than just his prize. The first prize that he won was $30,000, and after taxes and his expenses, he took home roughly $5000. Stefan went as far as bringing in investors who were able to put money to build a lottery system to print out tickets with the winning possibilities. In the end, Stefan and his investors took home 12 lottery wins across different countries.

When the authorities got wind of the system, they changed the rules and made it so that no one can bulk buy tickets. However, the smart man that Stefan was, he had a backup plan. He used scouts to buy his tickets at different locations in the US, and he was able to carry on his operation. Soon, Stefan became a millionaire and set up an organization called Pacific Financial Resources in Melbourne and hired people to help with the buying of tickets and winning of the jackpots.

Just like most greedy men, he pushed his luck too far with his system and failed at one point with following legalities. The authorities who were waiting to pick him up and put him away caught him and had him imprisoned for 20 months. On his release, the US has banned the use of Stefan’s strategy for winning the lottery.