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The Spanish scientists have been very busy with their study of cellular biology. Their study has dived into every place that the epithelial cells cover the body. Epithelial cells cover almost every surface of the body on the inside, especially organs. Studying these cells have been playing a very important part of their research when they found the unexpected. A new shape existed in the epithelial cells that do not exist in the whole array of geometric shapes we have today. The shape has been called a ‘Scutoid.’

The Function of The Scutoid

The Scutoid’s main function is to develop in areas where the tissue needs to curve. The ability for the tissues to curve and its finding means that the body is capable of the complex formation based on very stable shapes. While these cells did not exist before, they are hard evidence that nature has now found a way to evolve and form cells that curve and fold, beautifully.

Epithelial cells are known as the building blocks of the organism. Imagine them to be Lego pieces that make up the entire body. They play a crucial role in defending the body and also in nutrition absorption. Infections are battled, and good is absorbed, thanks to the remarkable epithelia.


When life begins as an embryo, the epithelial cells play a very important role in the multiplication and joining of the cells and forming the complete organism. The most complex organs are formed in due course. Commonly, the epithelial cells are known to be column-like or bottle-like in shape. The major attribute of the epithelial cell is its extremely tightly packed nature.

When the issue bends, the ability to pack tightly lacks because of the previous shape. The growth and development of the organism do not just happen by magic, the very important role of the epithelial cells is to move around and join the different parts together to fuse them as one structure. Every organ gets its shape by the joinery formed by the cells. The Scutoids are described as shapes that solve the problem of three-dimensional packing of cells.

Up to 2018, the epithelial cells were looked at as pyramid-shaped cells. However, when they were examined father, the cells were seen to have very complex shapes. The epithelial cells have also begun adapting to the curves in the tissue so that it can minimize energy and help the organs perform with stability. Therefore, nature came up with the solution of forming the Scutoid to help with its work.


Science, Math, and Physics

The finding of the Scutoid comes under basic science and with an influence of Math and physics to make it complete. Even though the finding is basic, it is an essential part of biomedicine. The finding will help understand how the body develops and how some part of it would be missing in case of diseases. As part of stage two, the scientists who are responsible for the finding want to delve deeper into the inner workings of the cells. An understanding of the molecules that cause the shape of the cell to change to the Scutoid is being researched. The way energy is processed inside a Scutoid can then be determined to understand the exact functions.