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The Importance of Math in School

Mathematics is essentially beautiful and elegant. Sadly, a lot of adults consider math uninteresting and static. People often wonder the practical implications and importance of certain mathematical concepts or skill in life taught in school. The attitude of parents towards mathematics, be it positive or negative, influences their children’s view and performance in the subject. This has led to many kids hating math class. Fortunately, efforts are being made to renew interest and build enthusiasm for mathematics in schools. This article aims to touch on some importance of math in school and why it should be promoted.

Mathematics is Essential for Economic Prosperity

Mathematics is crucial for the economic development and technical progress of countries that wish to remain relevant in the world economy. There is no doubt that a population well-educated in math contributes to the economic prosperity of a country. Math drives innovation, growth and economic recovery. It fosters the development of necessary problem solving and quantitative skills for research in fields of sciences, humanities, social sciences and in general intellectual dialogue for policymaking.

Critical Financial Education


An aspect of growing up into a responsible adult is learning to manage your finances. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education proposes financial education as a long-term solution to the problem of irresponsible borrowing and personal insolvency. Teaching mathematics in school is a way to better equip our young people to make informed financial decisions through education.

Mathematics Supports Education and Career Opportunities

Mathematics education has a profound impact on a country’s economic growth and development. Many agree that mathematics is essential for a well-rounded education and features prominently in our civilization and culture. For instance, one will not fare well in disciplines like music, economics, geography, and other sciences without a sound appreciation of mathematics. This is a reason the math is necessary to access undergraduate studies in fields of engineering, psychology, sciences and social sciences.

Development of Valuable Industry Skills

Mathematics is important in school because it encourages and develops critical thinking ability. It is critical in fostering logical and rigorous thinking. Math teaches order and pattern recognition. Studies show that when children with a sound mathematical foundation are better equipped to develop valuable skills for life in the university and industry. Application of math cut across almost all professions. Researchers, real estate agents, farmers, CEOs, and even doctors invariably work with numbers. Learning in schools promotes increased functioning and promises greater career opportunities in life.

Mathematics Teaches Core Skills for Life

To be a responsible adult in our increasingly complex world requires a basic level of numeracy. Mathematics education helps you better manage your personal finance. Your ability to create and follow budgets, choose a favorable mortgage, distinguish good job offers, manage phone contracts and many other important aspects of your life depend greatly on your understanding of math. For citizens to hold politicians, media, and business accountable, they need the skills to know when the arguments being advanced are spurious. An ability to follow logical arguments is necessary for engaging in informed discourse, voting, and policymaking.

Mathematics Teaches Core Skills for Life
Mathematics Teaches Core Skills for Life