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On a summer evening in the 1920s, a group of scholars got together at an apartment in Friedlander Way. While the party seemed like one of the average get-togethers with wine and food flowing, this one was different. The scholars in attendance were together discussing mathematical problems that were prevalent at the time. The party was hosted by Emmy Noether who was a genius in mathematics and one of the few women who had any role in society.

Emmy was distinguished in every way. She was able to garner attention from her colleagues and friends for his brave stand in the field of mathematics at a time when women were not given any regard. She was smart and a creative genius who was able to solve even Einstien’s puzzle regarding gravity and the theory of relativity. While solving the puzzle, she was able to prove a very deep theorem that defined the way physics was perceived. In the year 1918, Emmy solved the theorem, and the benefits of doing so are experienced today. The theorem has been a guide to the problems in physics in the 20th and the 21st century.

The Life and Career of Emmy Noether

Emmy was a leading mathematician who started abstract algebra according to a theorem named after herself. She did not make it to the status of recognized genius overnight. Without a break, she worked long and hard. With not a single penny coming into her pocket, she earned a Ph.D. She was the only female assistant during her tenure at the University of Gottingen in 1915 when males were the only ones allowed to lecture. For eight years she worked without a salary and two years after that she was kicked out of her job because of the Nazi government. Her passion for mathematics and her future was squashed.


Shortly after, she moved to the US and worked at the Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. However, the smart genius had to undergo surgery and died from its complications. Her theorem had never been recognized right up to the point of her death at the age of 53 years. Most people have probably never heard of her nor do scientists give her credit due. However, in today’s world of physics, Emmy is a superstar and physicists continue to give her credit even though her specialty lay in mathematics.

The Legacy of Emmy Noether Lives on

Two fundamental concepts in physics found their link, thanks to Emmy. Conservation law determines the conservation of energy and symmetries describe the many changes that can affect an object without transforming how it appears or how it acts. Both concepts have a link both ways, and this is the most important finding by Emmy Noether. The second half of the 20th century make the Noether theorem the standard model for particle physics.

Her work was profound that the brilliant Albert Einstein wrote about it in the New York times after her death. Einstein gave her every credit due to her and her ability to shine at a time when women were subdued. Thanks to Emmy Noether, we are now able to understand the relationship between several properties in the universe.