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Top 3 Famous Mathematicians in

Mathematics has been around since the inception of humanity and made up a more significant part of the history of the world today. A subject is a valuable tool that everyone needs to have a basic knowledge and understanding. Mathematics explains the world around us, and the reason for most things we see today hides in the subject. Mathematics has no universal definition but is understood by people of various cultures as the study of space, quantity, structure, change and many other factors. Who are the greatest mathematicians of all times? Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent achievers in the field of mathematics.

Euclid of Alexandria

Euclid of Alexandria is one of the first and most widely known mathematicians. His most significant work is The Elements. And due to the fact, his work is still around, and always discussed and debated today we can safely say he is one of the most prominent and influential mathematicians ever. There is little is known of Euclid’s life except that he taught at Alexandria in Egypt, and therefore some doubt surrounding his actual existence, and whether it was just one person who wrote the famous The Elements. Whatever the case, Euclid’s instruction of the rigorous, logical proof for theorems and conjectures, frameworks still used today, his impact is undeniable.


Diophantus is called ‘the father of algebra,’ because of the series of books he wrote called Arithmetica which details algebraic equations and their answers. He was also an Alexandrian Greek mathematician. Mathematics pretty much followed the status quo through until the Renaissance period when some massively influentially theorists made discoveries that made way for maths today.

Leonhard Euler


Leonhard Euler (1707 to 1783), is arguably the greatest mathematician of all time. His amazing discoveries meant he introduced many of the abbreviations and their meanings, which we still use today. His research was able to prove, and disprove many of the theories and advance many methods that we still use today. As well as this, he also solved the Seven Bridges of Koenigsberg problem in graph theory and found the Euler Characteristic for connecting the number of vertices, edges, and faces of an object. He is compared to the genius of Einstein.

These guys have set the basis for which most mathematical theories is developed today. You too can be inspired by their success and improve your skills. Maths has produced so many great minds who put their thoughts into finding the solution to problems that affect humanity. It’s not just about solving equations and deriving formulas; you need to love the subject for you to excel in it. One of the reasons why people fail to succeed in Mathematics is because they fail to develop the requisite passion that is required for them to grab the first flows that will set you going past all the complicated steps.

Develop your love for mathematics today; think of the subject as the solution to the various problems facing humanity, and you too can make a mark in this vast field.