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Top 5 Famous Mathematicians In The World Currently

You just have to respect this list. You don’t stumble upon the list of the greatest mathematicians every day because these guys are not the regular people you knew- they are extraordinary. There are many great mathematicians all over the world, too many to mention but there are a few that are better than others. Here is a list of the greatest mathematicians of our time.

Robert Langlands

Have you heard of the Langlands program? This is the guy behind that remarkable development. Robert is a Canadian mathematician born in 1936. He obtained his first degree from the University of British Columbia and got his masters a year after from the same school. Robert then switched t Yale University where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1960. He developed his program “The Langland program” for which he was for, and he received many awards for the programme. He won the Wolf Prize in 196 and the Steel Prize in 1976.

Mikhail Gromov

Mikhail comes from Russia and he is well known for his great work in the field of geometry. He has also worked to influence others in the world of theories and maths. He fell in love with the world of math at the very young age of 9. He later went on to get a PHD in mathematics and in 1971 he got his first award for his work. He has won so many more awards since then and has worked in various aspects of the field of math.

Wendelin Werner

Wendelin comes from Germany but had to relocate over to France in 1977 for his Doctorate in Mathematics. During his career thus far he has won several awards for his work in the field of mathematics, he won the Davidson prize for his work on random walks and he has won several ever awards as well. He work along with several other great mathematicians as well and he got the SIAM George Polya Prize in 2006.

Michael Atiyah

Micheal, is another award winning mathematician and he is most well known for his work in geometry. He worked along side his partner Isadore Singer and they worked on the Atiyah-Singer theorem. He won an award in 2004 for his work and at the young age of 37 as well. He has accomplished a lot in his brief career and he has not slowed down yet.

Stanislav Smirnov

The list cannot be complete without naming Stanislav Smirnov, who is undoubtedly one of the best mathematicians of our time. Stanislav was born in 1970 in the old Russian city of Leningrad. He attended St. Petersburg University and graduated in 1992. By 1996, Stanislav obtained his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology. Stanislav is famous for his work in dynamic systems, probability theory, and sophisticated analysis. Stanislav received his first award from the Petersburg Mathematical Society Award in 1997, and by the year 2003, he has already won three more awards including the Clay Research Award. 2010 was a remarkable year for Stanislav as he won two prestigious awards; he won the Field Medal for his works on percolation theory.