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Mathematics has been a dreaded subject for at least a century, even more so. However, kids who have excelled in the subject have a chance to extend and expand their knowledge, by taking an active part in competitions. These competitions not only provide a challenging environment but also, give students a chance to meet other math wizards. In the field of Mathematics, it is essential to know who the current competition is in the subject. This is what enables mathematicians to collaborate with each other to develop complex solutions to intense problems.

International Maths Contest (IMC)

The International Maths Contest is a 30-minute challenge that you can take online. The challenge is free for participants. It also offers a detailed report on the student’s performance and understanding of mathematical concepts. Not only does the contest give students a statement on their performance, but it is also the qualifier for the second round, which is an extremely challenging Olympiad course. The questions that are asked in this competition is known to cause a more in-depth thinking process in the most advanced students.

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMT)

The Australian Mathematics Competition has had over 15 million entries since 1978. The AMC is the world’s largest school-based maths competition. This competition is available in the paper and pencil format and has students from over 20 countries attempting the same problems. Students who attend the AMC are asked to answer 30 questions in 60 mins for years 3-6 and 30 questions in 75 mins for years 7-12. The questions are designed to make it challenging to the most gifted of students and need to be solved without a calculator.

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

This competition is held in Romania and is attended by high schools’ students all over the world. The United States have been winners for three out of four years of participating in the contest. The highly competitive environment students are helped by teaching assistants to get equipped for the contest. Over 70 students from top school around the world participate. In the year 2018, students from Canada, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Thailand, and Ukraine participated. The competitions like the IMO intend to bring math to the common consciousness of pupils. The students aim to think of creative and critical ways to solve problems. Students to manage to win in this competition are awarded not just academic success but a secure professional future.

Mental Calculation World Cup

This competition is conducted in Germany once in two years. The contest involves students using their mind to solve complex mathematical problems. Since 2004, the contest is one of the most revered competitions that focus on mathematics. The competition has a limited number of seats available for contestants. With seats for a maximum of forty students, students who are math wizards, need to demonstrate their ability to solve problems from several categories. Addition, Roots, Multiplication and some surprise tasks comprise of the types covered at the contest. To be able to participate in the actual competition, students need to pass the qualifying round. For the year 2018, the competition is scheduled to take place between the 28th and 30th of September.