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It is common knowledge that many of the things you learn as a student in school are never used in the real world. As a result, many education systems have been failing in equipping children with the right knowledge that they can make use of in their day-to-day lives outside of school and in the workplace. What many people don’t understand the concepts of mathematics taught in school is that the ideas exist for a reason. While everyone in their daily life uses not everything, it comes in handy for those who are interested in taking up mathematics the main line in their careers. For those who don’t need complex mathematical equations in their daily life, here are some top tricks in math that will genuinely help them every day.

Percentage Calculation

Calculating percentage is one that is needed in every industry irrespective of the type. If you can whip up the answer in no time, you have won the appreciation of many of your colleagues and even be able to get that promotion by being able to complete work accurately and quickly as well. If you have to find 75% of 19.99, all you will need to do is, round the number to 20. Then you multiply 75 by 20. The answer you will receive is 1500. When you apply the decimal spaces again to the solution, you will get 15 which is the answer you need.

Hourly Wages

To calculate the hourly wages, if you are given a job that offers you $60,000 per year and another that is willing to pay you $31 an hour, you will need some math to understand which is the better one of the two. If you are going to work the same amount of time on both jobs, then you remove the last three zeros from the 60,000 positions and divide it by 2. This works out to 30/hour for the $60,000 job. In this case, you are better off taking the $31/hour job.


Multiplying by 11 is easy. However, it is easy only up to multiplying with 9 is what is common knowledge. If you want to multiply with a number greater than 9, for example, 75 you need to do the following:

Split 75 and put the sum of the two numbers in between the numbers, 7  12  5

Calculating Tips

When you go to a restaurant, you will need to pay a tip. The usual tip that people leave at restaurants is 15%. Therefore, if you want to calculate a tip of 15% for a $25 bill do the following.

2.5×1.5 = 3.75

This means that you multiply the numbers with a decimal point between the two.

Calculating tips
Calculating tips


Converting Between F and C

When you are in the kitchen, you have often encountered with the big problem of having to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. To find the answer you will need to do the following:

For Fahrenheit to Celsius – F x 2 + 30 = C

For Celsius to Fahrenheit – C – 30 / 2