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Maths, the study of complex measurements, properties, sets, and relationships that are solved, or explained with the use of symbols and numbers. Maths was introduced to the world at 300 BC. This subject is a commonly tough subject to learn or study, as the numbers and symbols can be complicated or confuse you during your lesson. However, technology has improved in our generation, which means that famous sites such as YouTube will help you learn different sorts of method and ways a math problem can be solved.  Some YouTubers encourage their audience to take up an interest in mathematics, and with the help of their channel on YouTube. They will show you not only easy ways to solve a maths problem but also to make the process entertaining. Patrick JMT is the best in explaining necessary maths skills and improving the audience’s knowledge.

Lively and Interesting Channels – Highest Subscriber base

Mathematics is another YouTuber that teaches maths excitingly and vividly. He started in 2011 and now has more than a million subscribers. They focus on everything that can make maths easy for their audience. MathTheBeautiful is also a great tutor for maths. He started making videos in 2013 and now has more than 41K subscribers till this date. This channel is not like others, and their videos include long and complicated terms, and if you are looking for classroom experience, then this channel is for you.

Standupmaths is an upbeat and outgoing way to learn mathematics as they mix their math problems with a bunch of stand-up comedy jokes and riddles. Eddie Woo is the headteachers of maths in a school which is located in Sydney, Australia. Eddie’s inspiration will tend to rub off on you, and you will soon learn math at your own pace and learning skill. Khan Academy is one of the well known YouTube channels for learning maths. Khan Academy includes a sizable amount of videos. Khan Academy was founded in 2006 by Salman Khan. Umbraphile is one of the biggest channels on youtube with more than 3 millions subscribers.

Smaller Audience – Great Content

Numberphile was founded by Brady Haran. This channel aims to make maths fun and engaging. Mathademics is a channel on YouTube that teaches a variety of maths topics. Mathademics is a private tutor that can fit in your pocket and it beats a paid tutor. This channel has about 8,985 subscribers on YouTube. Professor Dave is more about physics than maths, but he still produces various math-related subjects. Professor will have you solving complicated problems at your own pace and skill level. Math mammoth is a smaller channel compared to the rest but still manages to teache math in an engaging way. The channel holds more than 25K subscribers. Mathematics can be very tough and overwhelming at times as learning is easiest and fast when people can relate it to what they are learning and their real life. As the math’s assignments get harder, it takes longer for them to understand and grasp the concepts, but they will soon adapt to the environment.