Mistrz Witold

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The very mention of mathematics to some students is enough to send cold shivers down their spines. But apart from academics, math is absolutely everywhere. It crosses over into many other subjects that we use in everyday life, and not just in technology and science. Look how important math is to your everyday life, how it makes it easier for you not just arrange your finances but to get around, buy food, tell the time, and just about everything you can think of.

Science and Math

Astronomy, physics, chemistry are all closely linked to mathematics, and this is why some students fail so miserably in all science subjects if they cannot grasp mathematics. If students can grasp basic algebra, and geometry then they can apply this to all sorts of practical uses such as computer sciences and engineering. Other professions that you may not relate to mathematics use basic techniques. Such as nurses, they have to know how to calculate drug doses and to read charts about patients.


You might think that something like literature has no relation whatsoever with mathematics, but you could not be more wrong. Poetry is just about as much about mathematics as it is about verse, it is full of complex meters and relies heavily on rhythms.

The Arts

Many students progress down one of the two scholastic routes, which are the sciences or the arts. These two disciplines are often separated due to their supposedly opposite avenues and thoughts. Drama, dance, music are all closely related to mathematics, and even art relies heavily on geometry. Photographers could not possibly operate without a basic knowledge of mathematics, trying to calculate angles, exposure times, shutter speeds and focal lengths are all highly important to take successful images.  Now perhaps you can understand that math is present in nearly every walk of life, whether you are cooking an evening meal or you are doing a spot of DIY. Mathematics does not just teach you sums, it also is at the heart of understanding reasoning, and a doctrine of how to approach problems.



It is easy to understand why math is so important to shopping, but it is not just prices on goods that math comes into play. The minute you walk through the doors, math is in operation. The automatic doors and security systems all have mathematical algorithms. And when you do start your shopping you load your basket up with produce labeled with barcodes, which not only indicate price, they are also full of associated information. Finally, when you pay for your goods, mathematics comes into play with credit cards, cash or check. Everything you do has some sort of connectivity to mathematics, from buying a house to going on holiday. And how on earth would the world exist without the telling of time? Perhaps mathematics is more important than you first thought, and its impact is far greater than you ever imagined. It is rare that we analyze the mundane parts of our lives, but if you stop and think for a while on any task you are performing then the importance of mathematics will become apparent.